Scrapper FAQ: how the Scrapper works (World of Warcraft)

The Scrapper (officially written as Scrap-o-Matic 1000) is a new type of system introduced in Battle for Azeroth. The very short explanation of it is that its kind of a disenchanter that destroys your gear and break it down to crafting mats. The Scrapper can be found close to the mining, blacksmithing and engineering vendors, which means Dazar'Alor, Zuldazare for the Horde, and in south-eastern Tradewinds Market in Boralus for the Alliance.

In contrast to regular disenchanting, the Scrapper will break the gear down to crafting material that matches the base of the item. This means that the following types of armor and weapons will give the following materials:

- Plate will give ores.
- Leather will give leathers.
- Mail will give leathers.
- Cloth will give cloths.
- Trinkets will give inscription mats.
- Staves will give gems / jewelcrafting mats.
- Wands will give enchanting mats. 

This is a great alternative to vendoring the gear you get from quests, world quests and dungeons, and it will most likely be more profitable.

All gear that is fed to the Scrapper also has a chance to give you Expulsom, which is the new type of BoP crafting regent like the Blood of Sargeras was in Legion. It is however the only way to obtain it (with the only exception being transmutions from Alchemy), which means that crafters who want to craft a lot of stuff will need to feed a lot of gear to the Scrapper!

Higher ilvl stuff has a higher chance of yielding Expulsom, so raid epics will be a lot more valuable to scrap compared to green gear you get from leveling. 

Basically we suggest that you scrap all the gear you get from quests if you intend on doing crafting in Battle for Azeroth, since you will need a steady supply of Expulsom do be able to do that.