The best unique items for leveling up fast (Path of Exile)

When you are leveling up a new character in Path of Exile, certain unique items can make that process a whole lot smoother. In this guide we will cover all the generally useful uniques to equip while leveling up, and these typically last until around level 50-70 before you need to trade them in for better equipment.

Tabula Rasa: This is extremely powerful for leveling up because it gives you a 6-link where you can put 5 support gem onto your main damage dealer.

Elreon Jewelry: Elreon sells certain jewelry from your hideout, and these are very powerful for leveling up. The items with the Elreon prefix will have reduced mana cost of skills, which is very useful, especially at pre-level 40. These can be bough from Elreon himself, or from another player pretty cheap. You can have two Elreon rings + one Elreon amulet equipped at the same time to get skills for almost free.

Goldrim: This helm is very nice for leveling due to the high amount of elemental resistances on it. With this you don't really need to worry about getting any other resistance until you start mapping. It also reflects some damage back to the attacker, which is nice when dealing with large group of mobs.

Wanderlust: A pair of boots that gives increased mana regen, and have a flat 20 % movement speed increase, which is amazing when going trough the main story three times in a row. Can be used at level 3, so pick it up early.

Lifesprig: If you are playing as a spell damage user, 2 x Lifesprig is going to make the entire leveling process a whole lot easier. It has nice stats, and give a good amount of life regen, making you pretty difficult to kill when leveling up. Can be used at level 1.