The Diablo 3 Anniversary Dungeon - everything you need to know (Diablo 3)

Coming in patch 2.4.3, the Anniversary Dungeon will be available in Diablo 3. You can enter and play in this dungeon during all of January, but it will close on the first of February. After that you can reenter it every January again.

The Anniversary Dungeon is based on the original Diablo game, in which you need to travel down 16 floors to find and fight Diablo himself. These levels are randomly generated just like the original game, but every 4th floor will be a boss floor. The bosses in the game are The Butcher, The Skeleton King, Lazarus and Diablo. The ones that are already in Diablo 3 will get their own retro skin for this dungeon.

Along with the retro skin, the rest of the graphics also get a retro setting. Both audio and visual features will have filters to make them look a lot more like the original game than Diablo 3. The graphics will be pixelated, your character can only walk, and only move in 8 directions. The UI will also get a retro look.

All the retro features will only be used in the Anniversary Dungeon, and not for the rest of the game modes.

It's important to remember that this is a game mode for Diablo 3, not a remastered version of the original game. You will use your existing Diablo 3 characters to play this mode, and the main system of levels, loot, skills etc. will be the same as in the rest of Diablo 3.

The Anniversary Dungeon will be tuned for your level just like the rest of the game, so you can simply go to the dungeon with your character to start playing.  To start, open up the map and click on "The Darkening of Tristram" icon right next to The Old Ruins waypoint in Act 1.

Anniversary Dungeon rewards

Participating in and completing the Anniversary Dungeon yields several different rewards, but the exact method for getting each of these is currently not known. Check back when the patch has been on the PTR for exact details on how to get each item. However, below are the known rewards from the Anniversary Dungeon.

- A Legendary gem that can be slotten into the Helmet Slot. This is the first and currently only Legendary Helmet gem.
- Two retro-looking portrait frames.
- Wirt's Wooden Leg as a transmoggable weapon.
- A Banner.
- A Banner Sigil.
- A mini-Butcher pet.
- The Butcher's Sickle weapon transmog.
- Additional rewards which are currently not known.