How to farm Giant Dinosaur Bones for Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor (World of Warcraft: Legion)

The Reins of the Bone-White Primal Raptor awards a while raptor mount for all races, and can be bought for 9,999 x Giant Dinosaur Bone. The mount itself is bought from a zombie troll called Ku'ma, located in a small cave on Isle of Giants.

The Isle of Giants is also where you are going to farm the Giant Dinosaur Bones. All dinosaurs and Troll Dinomancers there drops these bones, and at level 110 all of the mobs are extremely easy to solo.

The best way to farm this mount is simply to head to Isle of Giants and kill as many dinosaurs as possible. At level 110 you should be able to farm it in a few hours, but it might take longer if there are many people there that are farming the dinosaurs along with you. Note that you can do damage to an already tapped mob to get your personal loot from it, so you can farm it alongside other people. 

The following enemies drop bones: (The number in the bracket is the amount of bones they drop)
- Zandari Dinomancer (1-2)
- Primal Direhorn Hatchling (7-9)
- Primal Direhorn (18-22)
- Pterrowing Skyscreamer (15-17)
- Young Primal Devilsaur (11-13)
- Primal Devilsaur (35-45)

You want to focus on killing the large mobs first, and do the smaller ones if they are nearby. It's a good strategy to pull the big dinosaurs while aoeing down the smaller ones next to it.