How to complete Do The Thing / the hidden murloc quests in Suramar (World of Warcraft: Legion)

In the southern corner of Suramar there is a hidden murloc quest chain that has rather vague quest descriptions. However, the quest chain is pretty easy once you figure out what to do, and in the end up will get a unique toy, plus several Artifact Power upgrades.

Below is a quick guide to all the different parts of the quest chain:

Do The Thing guide

Do The Thing is the first part of the quest chain, and has a few steps. You basically need to interact with things on the ground in the surrounding area, including clicking on a crab. After clicking on different things that light up, an orb will be clickable on the ground, and this is the final clickable object for this quest.

Mrgls of Endearment guide

For this part you need to kill crabs in the area around him until you find 4 items that drops from them. The items have about 50 % drop chance, so it should not take a lot of time. Note that he will not follow you around on this part of the quest. Once you have all four items, return to Phin and show him the items you collect. Once you show all four items, you can turn in the quest.

A Mlrglrmg For Grlmrgl guide

In this part you need to guide Phin while he searches trough Conspicuous Dirt Piles & Conspicuous Sand Piles. He will eventually find the item he is looking for in one of these piles, and then you can return to where you picked up the quest to deliver it again.

Mglrgrs Of Our Grmlgrlr guide

Head north until you see pairs of Fal'dorei Hunters. Kill these, and Phin will open the spider webs. You might need to kill a few pairs before he finds the webbed murloc he is looking for. Once he finds it, return to where you picked up the quest to complete the quest chain and get your toy!