All rewards from leveling up the islands (Pokémon Sun/Moon)

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, you can level up islands from the Poké Pelago, and use Pokémon from the boxes to do tasks for them. Each island can be leveled up three times, and each rank increase the rewards from the tasks. Below are the full benefits to leveling up each island.

Isle Abeen

By leveling up Isle Abeen you produce beans. These are used to level up the other islands, so this should be the first island you upgrade. You will also have a chance to catch wild Pokémon on this island.

To get beans, click on the tree in the middle of the island.

Isle Aplenny

This island allows you to plant and harvest various berries. Each berry takes between 24 and 72 hours to grow (real-life time).

Rank 1: 6 Berries

Rank 2: 12 Berries

Rank 3: 18 Berries

Isle Aphun

You can a set of various items from doing a 24 hour task on this island. You send your Pokémon into a certain cave, and each new rank opens up a new option for the task, giving better rewards. At Rank 3 you are able to find Evolution Stones and other nice items.

Isle Evelup

Sending your Pokémon to do tasks in this islands level them up, or increase a particular stat. This is the Sun/Moon version of the old day-care service from older games.

Isle Avue

This island is used to increase the happiness of Pokémons and hatch eggs. Higher ranks increases the amount of happiness / hatch time.