Getting a Falcosaur Mount / How to unlock the Talon's Vengeance faction (World of Warcraft: Legion)

In this guide you will learn how to get a falcosaur mount as well as unlocking the Talon's Vengeance PvP faction. I decided to do both of these guides as one because 90 % of the steps are the same, and you actually need a falcosaur mount to unlock the faction.

The Talon's Vengeance faction was added to WoW in patch 7.1, but was not found until almost a week after release. It requires a pretty long quest chain to unlock, starting with the new Falcosaur World Quests. Upon doing the quests needed to unlock Talon's Vengeance, you will also end up with at least one Falcosaur battle pet and one Falcosaur mount.

Part 1: Obtaining the falcosaur battle pet

There are currently 4 World Quests which will start the quest chain, and they are named "Sharptalon Swarm!",  "Bloodgazer Swarm!", "Direbeak Swarm!", and "Snowfeather Swarm!". These will spawn randomly like any other World Quest, and will be up for 48 hours each. More than one of these can spawn at a time, so it's pretty likely to find it somewhat soon. If you already completed the quest, don't worry. The event is tied to the World Quest being active on your realm, not if you have the quest, so you can return to the area and still get the quest chain started.

Once you have the World Quest for any of these, head to Dalaran to buy a special item needed.
- For the Bloodgazer in Azsuna, you need Azunian Grapes. (Applebought: Fruit Vendor).
- For Direbeak in Stormheim you need Pungent Vrykul Gamalost. (Elling Trias: Master of Cheese).
- For Sharptalon in Val'sharah you need Dried Bilberries. (Fialla Sweetberry: Food & Drink).
- For Snowfeather in Highmountain you need Smoked Elderhorn. (From any innkeeper).
All of these items can be bought by vendors in Dalaran, so make sure to pick one up before going to the World Quest.

Once you have the correct item, head to the World Quest and start doing it. Upon killing a Matriarch, and orphaned hatchling will spawn. You can interact with this and give it the special item you bought, and upon doing so you will unlock the pet as a battle pet.

The Matriarch  has a lot of health, and can be pretty difficult to solo, but should be doable by most classes. Once it's defeated, the Orphaned Hatchling will spawn somewhat close to the Matriarch, but they are kind of outside of the main quest area. When you give them the item they require you will automatically learn the pet. The item is not consumed (and also bought in packs of 5), so trade to nearby players to spread the love when you are done!

Spawn points of the different hatchlings:
- For the Bloodgazer in Azsuna, go to a middle small island pretty much in the middle of the entire World Quest, just south of the Matriarch. (coords: 35, 7)
- For Direbeak in Stormheim go north towards the murloc area, climb the stony path there until you reach the ledge above the area just north of the World Quest. Now jump down on a ledge where the hatchling spawns. This can be a little tricky to find, since the hatchling is actually outside of the World Quest area. (coords: 79, 69)
- For Sharptalon in Val'sharah (coords: 47, 1)
- For Snowfeather in Highmountain (coords: 32,28)

And a small warning before progressing further: The Direbeak and the Bloodgazer ones eventually requires you do complete a quest in Nighthold, which has not opened at the time of posting this guide, so you might want to pick any of the other two instead, so you can do the corresponding quest in The Emerald Dream instead of Nighthold! 

Part 2: The falcosaur battle pet quest chain

Just a quick tip before going into detail about the quest chain: The quests are theoretically bound to be limited to one quest per day, but can be done across multiple characters. This means that you can log onto your alts to pick up new quests by summoning the falcosaur, and this way you can do the chain a whole lot faster than if you only play one character. Once you pick up the quest you can return to your main to keep doing the chain, since the quests are shared across all characters.

Step 1) The first part to unlock the faction is done, and you have got your pet, but there's still a lot to do. Now it's time to level it up! In order to progress on the chain, the battle pet needs to be level 25, so either use a Battle-Training Stone to do this instantly, or go out and level it up.

Step 2) When it is level 25, it will give you a quest to bring the pet to any major city such as Stormwind or Orgrimmar, depending on which pet you have. Just take the correct portal from Dalaran to complete this.

Step 3) The next part requires you to beat 3 different wild pets using the Falcosaur. Each of the four falcosaurs has different pets to defeat. Again, this should be pretty easy since it's already level 25.

Step 4) Now you will get a new quest to complete 5 World Quest in a specific zone while having the Falcosaur active. What quests you do does not matter, just as long as it is in the correct zone.

Step 5) Next part requires you to do 3 Pet Battle World Quests with the pet summoned, as well as using it for completing the quest.

Step 6) This next part will require you to beat 1 rare elite World Quest with your pet. This is usually a Warden World Quest that spawns frequently.

Step 7) This time you need to defeat three more wild pets in battle, but these ones are different from the first three you needed. Again the exact pets you need to defeat depends on which hatchling you use.

Step 8) Now it's time for some PvP World Quests, and you need to complete 3 of these with your pet summoned.

Step 9) The next part is really easy, and just requires you to buy a specific item from a vendor in Dalaran.

Step 10) Once that is done, your next quest will be to defeat 3 more specific wild pets using the hatchling with two additional pets from a specific pet family. Once again the pets needed to defeat and used depends on which falcosaur you are using.

Step 11) The next part requires you to complete a certain dungeon with the hatchling alongside you. This can be done in either normal, heroic, mythic or mythic+, so just rush trough it if you don't want to hassle with completing a mythic run.

Step 12) The next part is pretty much the same as the one two steps above, defeating 3 wild pets with a certain pet family and the falcosaur hatchling.

Step 13) Now you need to return the hatchling to the nest, and you will get a matching mount!

Step 14) The final part requires you to bring the hatchling into a raid and defeat a specific boss. However, this is optional since you already have the mount, but I decided to add it, so this guide can be used as a falcour quest chain guide as well.
The Direbeak and the Bloodgazer hatchlings requires to to go to The Nighthold, while the other two are in The Emerald Dream.

Part 3: Unlocking Talon's Vengeance

The hard part is done, and now you can head to Aviana in Highmountain with your new mount. Use the mount and the battle pet, and interact with Aviana. This will trigger the introductory quest, and you will unlock the faction and be awarded the PvP item Ivory Talon.

Congrats on your long journey to unlocking the faction! If you want to learn how to gain reputation with Talon's Vengeance, check out the Talon's Vengeance reputation guide


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