How to level up your artifact fishing pole as fast as possible (World of Warcraft: Legion)

In order to level up your artifact fishing pole, you need to catch rare fish such as the Ghostly Queenfish, which will give you 50 artifact power per fish caught. It takes a big amount of fishing to fully upgrade your Artifact, so be prepared to spend lots of hours fishing! There are a few good tricks and spots for farming these fish rapidly, one which requires waterwalking. This can be applied by potions or buffs, or by unlocking the artifact power from the fishing pole artifact.

Level up your artifact fishing pole without waterwalking

It's a little bit harder without waterwalking, but a very good spot is when the World Quest Into The Whirlpool is active. This lets you use a portal at 30.6 62.0 in Val'sharah to get into a closed underwater cave. The quest needs you to catch fish in here, but it is also very nice for farming rare fish to level up your pole.
There are always 10 pools of fish active in the cave, and every time you finish one, a new one appear, so there's always lots of pools available. Just fish in these, and you get plenty of rare fish as well as bait! The pools keep spawning even after you complete and turn in the quest, and the portal is still open as well. The only downside to this is that there spawns a few murlocs in the cave, so you need to kill these every now and then. However, they are very fragile, so it does not take long to clear them.

Level up your artifact fishing pole with waterwalking

Once you have a source of waterwalking, leveling up your artifact fishing pole is even easier and faster. A very good spot is to farm the Ghostly Queenfish just outside of the academy in Azsuna. You will get a guaranteed rare fish on every catch, which means 50 Artifact Power per cast! You also get bait by fishing there, so this is a really good spot.
There are no mobs around this area, so just chill back and relax while you do the fishing.


  1. There's a way faster way than this. Fish up the lure for oodlefisk and find where a pool spawns. They seem to spawn in the same place every time you pop the lure so oncell you know where one is just mark that spot and every time you get a lure go there before you pop it. You will get 25-30 rare fish per lure and if you have some of conjurer margoss's arcane lures you can fish up the baits pretty quick. I'd guess it ends up being about 2000 artifact power per hour if you can get 2 lures in anew hour which I have been. Happy fishing


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