How to change your farm layout (Stardew Valley)

Patch 1.1 of Stardew Valley introduced the option to change your farm layout from the regular farm to sort of challenge farms. It's actually very easy to change them, but the problem is that you need to create a new farm in order to have the new layouts. Once you start a new farm, you get the option to pick which of the layouts you want to have. There is currently no way to change the layout of an already created farm / old save file, so be prepared to start from scratch.

It's very important to choose the right farm layout, because each layout has both weaknesses and strengths. Below you can read about all of the four different layouts, and decide which one you want to go for.

Forest farm layout

The Forest farm layout has forage items spawning on the whole western edge of the map, along with renewable stumps. This makes it very easy to use for getting a good amount of hardwood each day, but the downside is that this layout also comes with a unique type of weed that will spawn on your farm.
Hardwood is pretty difficult to farm efficiently on other layouts, and it takes lots of days to get a good amount of them, so this layout is really nice if you want to build a lot of hardwood-building on your farm.

Riverlands farm layout

The Riverlands farm layout has lots and lots of water on it, and is tailored towards players who want to be able to fish on their farm. It is very difficult to efficiently farm with this layout, but at least fishing is a lot easier, and can also bring in a good amount of gold once you reach a high level in fishing. This is the only layout in which fishing is actually viable on the farm!

Wilderness farm layout

The Wilderness farm layout is focused on combat. It looks sort of like the regular farm layout, but monsters will spawn on the farm during nighttime. This is perfect if you want a layout where you can farm monster materials right outside of your house, but the downside is that they will also appear whenever you go there at night, even when you just want to find you bed.

Hill-top farm layout

The Hill-top farm layout is focused on mining, and has lots of cliffs around the farm map. In the southwest edge of the farm there will spawn ores and geodes which makes it easy to get some extra mining materials without leaving your farm. These are nice for building stuff or selling, but the hills and cliffs makes it harder to farm on the plot.