How to buy profession materials with Blood of Sargeras (World of Warcraft: Legion)

Blood of Sargeras is pretty common in Legion, and in patch 7.1 they have a new use, which is as a currency for buying profession materals. In order to be able to trade them, you need to complete a quest called Blood on your hands.

This is given by the NPC called Illnea Bloodthorn in Dalaran, and simply requires you to give her on Blood of Sargeras. If you are having trouble finding her, go to the first house on the right side on the Magus Commerce Exchange district in Dalaran if you are coming from the Windrunner's Sanctuary direction. Hopefully it's not too difficult, since she has a quest marker over her head.

Upon doing so, you will get access to her store, which lets you trade 1 Blood of Sargeras for a stack of 20 profession materials.

She sells the following items for 1x Blood of Sargeras per:
1 x Order Resource Cache (gives you 200 Order Resources per, also it's bind on account)
10 x Lean Shank
10 x Fatty Bearsteak
10 x Big Gamy Ribs
10 x Leyblood
10 x Wildfowl Egg
10 x Cursed Queenfish
10 x Mossgill Perch
10 x Highmountain Salmon
10 x Stromray
10 x Runescale Koi
10 x Black Barracuda
10 x Aethril
10 x  Dreamleaf
10 x Foxflower
10 x  Fjarnskaggl
3 x Starlight Rose
10 x  Leystone Ore
5 x Felslate
10 x  Stonehide Leather
10 x Stormscale
20 x  Unbroken Claw
20 x Unbroken Tooth
10 x  Shal'dorei Silk
10 x Arkhana
3 x Leylight Shard

Please note that this post has been updated now that 7.1 is live, because most of the material costs changed.

Illnea Bloodthorn
Illnea Bloodthorn - the Blood of Sargeras trader.


  1. Is she on a spawn timer? I haven't seen her at all at my server, and someone at Frostmane-EU spotted her, but then she vanished.
    There's like no info about this trader anywhere (except this site), at all.

    1. She is not on live servers yet, just on PTR. She gets added to live when patch 7.1 starts :)


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