How to find Compressed Gold Chunks (Deep Rock Galactic)

Deep Rock Galactic has a trophy / achievement called "Prospector" that requires you to find and collect a total of 20 Compressed Gold Chunks. These are a type of gold that are very rare, and gives the team between 150 and 250 gold for each Compressed Gold Chunk. 

Many players have wondered why they haven't even found a single Compressed Gold Chunk after playing the game for a long time, and the answer is that they are kind of hidden. So how can you find and collect Compressed Gold Chunks? 

Compressed Gold Chunks in Deep Rock Galactic are found in hidden areas that are marked by very small gold chunks sticking out of the rock (see screenshot below). They are NOT found in regular Gold Veins! Mine the area with the small gold chunks to find a single Compressed Gold Chunk. 

When you find it, you will have to carry it back to the MULE. While carrying it, you have 25% less movement speed, are unable to spring, and cannot use your weapon. When you deposit it, you get rewarded with the 150 to 250 gold pieces. 

The areas with a Compressed Gold Chunk in it is pretty rare, and has about a 33% chance to spawn each time you begin a new mission. So finding 20 Compressed Gold will on average take at least 60 missions if you completely search the entire map! In reality, you are likely to need a lot more than 60 missions to be able to find all the 20 Compressed Gold Chunks that are needed for the trophy / achievement.