How to accept new assignments (Deep Rock Galactic)

Assignments are like a series of quests in Deep Rock Galactic, and each assignment will require you to complete between 3 and 10 specific mission in the correct order. Most assignments will award you with new weapons, mission types, unlock new features or give you crafting materials, so they are well worth doing. 

You can only have one active assignment at a given time, and must either complete or abandon the assignment before you can start a new one. But how do you accept new assignments?

You can accept new assignments in Deep Rock Galactic by heading to the Assignment Board. This is a desk with a computer on it just next to the Mission Terminal and the Drop Pod. Interact with the computer to get a list of all available assignments that you can begin. 

Keep in mind that once you begin an assignment, you cannot begin on a new one without abandoning the first one or completing it. So if there's a limited edition assignment then you might want to focus on that one first. 


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