How to get the gear for the "Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel" quest in The Outer Worlds - where to find Spacer Gear, Iconoclast Outfit and Marauder Outfit

The "Makes Space Suits, Won’t Travel" quest can be picked up from the tailor on Byzantium in The Outer Worlds, and will require you to get your hands on three complete outfits. You need the helm and armor combo for each set, so you will have to get a total of six different items to complete the quest.

How to get the Iconoclast Outfit

The Iconoclast Outfit can be found on Monarch, and if you are friendly with the Iconoclasts you can buy it from the vendor in the camp in Amber Heights. If you are unfriendly with them, well, just kill them and loot their gear to get it.

How to get the Marauder Outfit

The Marauder Outfit is the easiest to get, since it is worn by most Marauders in the entire game. Just run around on Monarch or Terra 2 until you kill enough Marauders to get the helm and armor set.

How to get the Spacer Gear

The Spacer Gear can be found on Groundbreaker, and it is sold by several vendors on the ship. A good start is to try the Spratwurst vendor, but the items sold are semi-random, so you might need to check a few different vendors before you get it.

You could also get it by attacking guards on Groundsbreaker and loot it from them, but we highly advise against it.

Completing the follow-up quest
Once you have the three gear outfits, you will be tasked to get three new items: a Primal Leather, a Raptidon Flank, and a Mantiqueen Chitin. These are random drops from monsters found on Monarch, and you will most likely have a few of them in your inventory already. If not, return to Monarch to to out into the wilds and hunt some enemies.