How to fast travel in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a fairly big game with lots of different floors that are all filled with rooms. There is a lot to explore, and some players have wondered if and how they can fast travel in Luigi’s Mansion 3 to get around faster. Unfortunately there is only a very limited ability to fast travel.

You cannot just choose a floor and destination to fast travel to, but you can instead fast travel to Professor E. Gadd's Lab in Basement 1 at any time. While this only provides a very limited type of fast travel, it can be very useful it you need to go to one of the lower floors while you are at one of the top ones. Just travel to his lab in Basement 1, and you get to the lower floors in no time at all.

You can travel to Professor E. Gadd's Lab by selecting the "+" button on your Switch controller. Go to the Lab option in the menu there and choose "Return to lab". This will teleport you to the lab. If you want to return to where you were, just do the same thing again to be teleported back again.