Do enemies in The Outer Worlds respawn? Answered.

There are many enemies in the RPG The Outer Worlds, and some players are wondering if enemies respawn at all, and how long it takes for them to do that. We've got you covered, because the rules for respawning enemies in The Outer Worlds is a bit different from most other RPGs out there.

Basically, all enemies outside will respawn after a little while. This means enemies that are in the overworld on places such as Monarch, Terra 2 and stuff like that. It takes a good while for them all to respawn, but there's a trick to making this go by faster. To make enemies respawn faster, go to a bed and sleep for 24 hours. Then repeat this a few times, and most enemies will have respawned again. Now it's time to go back and kill them again to get more XP, more Bits and more loot.

Enemies that are inside building do not seem to respawn though. So places like the Community Center will be permanently free from enemies after you have killed them all. The rule seem to be that if it's inside, meaning that you cannot fast travel from that point, enemies won't ever respawn.


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