9 beginner tips for Planet Zoo

Planet Zoo is a massive game to learn, especially if you are not that familiar with park management games in general. While it might take a while to really master it, the tips in this post will get you a long way, and will give you a general idea as to how you should start out when playing the game for the first few times.

Enjoy these beginner tips for Planet Zoo, and please let us know in the comments below if you got any additional tips to share with other players.

1) Start small with cheap animals

You should not rush into buying a lot of stuff at the start of a new game, and instead focus on starting small. You only need the basics like a Staff Center, a Trade Center, Quarantine, and a Keepers Hut for the first part of the game.

For your first animals, go with something cheap that does not require a big enclosure. Tortoises and ostriches are good choices, and while they might feel like boring animals, they are good enough to get the visitors coming to your park.

2) Build donation boxes

Donation boxes are a great method for getting some cash early on, and you should absolutely build them. And yes, build many of them! You will for sure make a big profit on them, and they are a great method for new games.

Focus on putting up Donation Boxes along the paths that a lot of people use, as well as neat exhibition windows.

3) Make sure you have enough employees

You will get into a lot of trouble if you lag behind with employing enough workers for your park. You will also need enough Mechanics, and if things start breaking down, it's a sign that you need more of them.

4) You can terraform your park

Is the terrain not working along nicely? Then terraform it! You can do things like delete water if you want to, which can be very useful if you really wanted to make an enclosure right where there's a small lake.

5) Make sure to use Veterinarian Research

Veterinarian Research increases education level for the species you research, which will then improve your breeding rate and success chance. In addition, it unlocks better food and enrichment items, so this is something you will want to invest in.

6) Unlock new buildings, fence types, facilities and more with Mechanic Research

Mechanic Research is also important, since this unlocks new buildings, facilities, fence types and more. You might not need to focus too much on it very early on, but at the same time, don't neglect it for too long.

7) Make sure to check on the Power and Water facilities a lot more frequent than the game suggests to begin with

Don't let it go a year between each time your Mechanics visit the Power Facilities and Water Facilities. This will almost guarantee that they break down. Change the frequency to every month or every two months instead, and they will probably not break down at all.

8) Make sure habitats are going nicely

Much of the same tip as with the Mechanic, make sure that your Veterinarian and Mechanic visit each habitat every third month. In addition, make sure that the Zookeeper visits every single month. This will also prevent a lot of trouble for you in the future, such as barriers not breaking down.

9) Remove animals that cause trouble

Some animals will fight, and this is typical for males. So make sure to keep an eye out on all animal babies, because some of them will suddenly grow up to big a grown male and cause a lot of trouble and fighting with the other males in the enclosure. So be ready to sell it if this happens.


  1. I recently began playing Planet Zoo, yet I can't seem to get any power. I have multiple facilities, but can't get them power, how do I do this? DO I have to hire staff to do it? I currently have no staff. Also, I bought three warthogs, how come they aren't showing up at their habitat, even though It said placed in destination?


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