Tips for leveling up fast in Modern Warfare

When you boot up the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, you will want to hit level 55 as soon as possible. Only when you get to this level will you have access to all the weapons, weapon attachments and Field Upgrades. The actual level cap is level 155, but you only need 55 to actually get all the things, so level/Rank 55 is what you should be aiming at hitting as soon as possible.

Here are some tips for all of you that want to level up as fast as possible:

Find the best game mode

There are several different game modes in the multiplayer of Modern Warfare, but either Search & Destroy or Domination provides the best XP per hour by far. These two are very different, and we suggest going for Domination if you just want to chill and kill other players while getting a good amount of XP, or play Search & Destroy if you really want to focus on the objective. The latter one is amazing in terms of XP gained if you are able to play well, but it might be worse than Domination if you don't really play all that well. So try both and stick with the one that suits your skill level the best.

Another alternative is to join a Ground War game. In here, hop in a tanks and start grinding XP. Most players find this to be slightly faster than the two game modes mentioned above, but it's also way more grindy and much more repetitive.

Complete Missions

If you head to the Barracks, you can see your Daily Missions as well as other Missions that you can complete. These give you XP, as well as some other cool rewards, so they are often worth completing if you want to level up as fast as possible in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Always make sure that you actually head to the Barracks to check for new missions, because you will need to activate them before you get progress towards them.

Keep in mind that not all Missions are worth doing, so if they seem like a huge waste of time, you might be better off getting that XP from other sources. However, you might get lucky and get a Mission that will want you to do something that you might be doing even without the Mission, which means it's just free XP for you.

Some players are having a bug where you don't get progress towards the Daily Mission, but this is just a visual bug, so you do actually get progress, it just doesn't show it in the game. Just restart your game to fix the bug.

Get the sweet double XP codes

There is currently an event in the US where you can purchase Mountain Dew or Doritos to get a temporary buff where you get twice the amount of XP for 1 hour. You can stack up on as many of these codes as you want, so just head to a local store and buy some. Beware that the codes are on the outside of the bag/bottle, so a lot of players have gotten invalid codes. If that happens to you, just contact customer support to get new codes.

Get comfortable with your weapon and increase your skill level

A final tip for leveling up fast in Modern Warfare is to simply get better. The more enemies you kill, the longer your stay alive, and the more objectives you complete, means you will level up a lot faster. So find a Loadout that works well for you, and try your best to become better at the game to improve your skill level.

Aim for headshots

Headshots are a great sources of bonus XP, and you will level up significantly faster if you are able to get head shots most of the times you kill an enemy player compared to if you get the kill on another part of the body.

Play the single player campaign and Spec Ops

An interesting thing about Modern Warfare is that you get rewards from playing the single player campaign that can be used for multiplayer. Every few mission you get some XP boosts that increases the XP you gain while using them. So if you have plants on playing the main campaign anyway, you might as well do it before you head into multiplayer matches to get a good head start on the others.