How to increase your inventory size (The Outer Worlds)

The inventory size is rarely a big problem in The Outer Worlds, but if you enjoy playing the game while picking up everything you can, increase your inventory size is a good idea that will save you a few trips back to a town to sell your stuff.

Your basic ability to carry items is determined by your Strength stat, so it's a good idea to put a few point into this when you create your character.

There are also other methods to increase the inventory size or the amount of items your character can carry, and the following four perks all increase your inventory size:
- Pack Mule. +50 kg carry capacity.
- Pack Mule (Tier 2): +40 kg carry capacity from companions.
- Pack Mule (Tier 3): + 100 kg carry capacity.
- Hoarder: Decreases consumable weight by 50 %, freeing up a lot of inventory space for other things.

There are all the methods to increase the inventory size or the number of items you can carry in The Outer Worlds. If you are still having trouble with a full inventory, the best idea is just to chill out with collecting all the stuff, and leave the less valuable items behind.