How to get to Monarch without paying 10k Bits for a Navkey (The Outer Worlds)

At a certain point during the campaign, you will want to go to Monarch to keep questing, and the most common way to get there is to pay 10,000 Bits to Gladys to get the Navkey to land on Stellar Bay. However, there is another method to get there, which is completely free, but will require you to either be good at sneaking, good at killing enemies, or just good at running away from them. While it might sound a bit of a hassle, it's actually not that difficult.

The way to get to Monarch for free is to use the Cascadia landing pad. This does not require a Navkey to land on, so just fly the Unreliable to it. The only problem is that the entire city is overtaken with enemies, so be prepared to sneak, fight or run away right after landing. From Cascadia, just run north until you get to Stellar Bay. There are lots of mauraders and other enemies on the main road, but they are pretty easy to run away from. It will take you perhaps 5 minutes or so to reach Stellar Bay if you run.

Once you are in Stellar Bay, head to the landing pad to unlock it for free. You can now land there whenever you want, and don't ever have to part way with your 10,000 Bits!