How to find and beat the Haunted Demonskaggons (Borderlands 3)

The Haunted Demonskaggons are a type of enemy that is part of the limited Bloody Harvest event in Borderlands, running from late October to the first week in December each year. This boss is a great source for getting the event currency, as well as being a part of the challenge, so in this guide we will be taking a closer look at where to find the Haunted Demonskaggons in Borderlands 3, and then how to beat it.

The Haunted Demonskaggons are located in The Droughts of Pandora. Go to Orbit View mode from any Fast Travel Station, choose Pandora as the planet, then The Droughts as your destination. Choose The Droughts as your fast travel destination, not The Highway. When you are there, head to the north-eastern part of the area. This will look like a donut on your map, complete with a full circle and a small hole in the middle.

When you are there, The Haunted Demonskaggons will start attacking you, and beating them is not really a big challenge to most players. They all die very quickly, but the challenge is that there are many of them. Whenever one dies, they also spawn a Ghost Demonskaggon that will attack you, so you need to kill this ghost as well.

And that's everything you need to know about finding and defeating the Haunted Demonskaggons in Borderlands 3. Now just remember to get it done before the end of the event to get the unique rewards!