How to change the difficulty in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is finally here, and both veteran players and new players alike flock to play out the latest game in the franchise. If you've been playing the first two games, you might feel like the game itself is a little bit too easy, while other players might feel that it is a bit on the hard side. So, how do we change the difficulty in Luigi’s Mansion 3? Unfortunately there is no difficulty option in the game itself, so we have to get a bit creative.

Since there is nothing that we can directly do to affect he difficulty level, the best and only method to making the game easier is by bringing in a friend. You have the option to play co-op with a friend, allowing that person to control Gooigi. This will make the game significantly easier since both of you have your own set of health bars, and it is much quicker and easier to vacuum all the enemy ghosts.

If you do instead want to make the game more difficult, then you are out of luck. There is simply no way to make Luigi’s Mansion 3 harder than it is.