Fix for the bug crashing the game during the "Brave New World" quest (The Outer Worlds)

A lot of players are having problem at a certain point during the "Brave New World" quest in The Outer Worlds. What happens is that the game simply crashes when you try to open a door using a terminal right in front of Chairman Rockwell and his two robots. When you approach the console or the door, the game simply crashes, and you are left being stuck there.

So what can you do with this? Unfortunately there is no direct fix for the bug, but there is a method to still get on with the quest and game for now. What you need to do is to just open the door slightly, then aim your gun at the robots and Chairman Rockwell to kill them all from the outside. This is simply the only method to progressing on if you get this bug.

Hopefully the bug will be fixed in a future patch, but for now you either have to kill them from outside the room, or just find something else to do in the game while you wait for a bugfixing patch.


  1. There is an alternative route:


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