Beginner tips for The Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds is out for both consoles and PC, but it's a fairly challenging game, so in this article we have put together some of the best beginner tips for playing the game.

1) Remember to manually save

It might seem like a boring first tip, but manually saving the game adds a lot of opportunities in this game. If you save, you can check the pocket of the person in front of you without fearing the consequences. The same applies if you are unsure which dialoge option you want to choose, and want to test one option to see how it plays out before you stick to your choice. If you don't like it, just reload the game to choose the other option.

2) Steal a lot of stuff

It's very easy to steal stuff in The Outer Worlds, so stealing everything in a store, bar or another type of area can earn you a lot of profit. It's worth stealing a lot of stuff early on in the game.

3) Remember to talk to everyone

There seem to be a lot of insignificant small talk in The Outer Worlds, but many of these conversations lead to small side quests that award you with some decent loot and a surprisingly good amount of XP. If you don't really enjoy reading all the text, just press the space bar on PC, Circle on PS4, or B on Xbox One to skip it, and just accept the side quest they offer you.

4) Explore a lot

The game is designed around the player spending a lot of time exploring, and you will find some of the best content randomly scattered around in the game as you play it, not from doing the main quest itself. So just chill and do as much exploring as you like, because there's always a lot of new stuff to find when you wander about.