How to redeem your preorder DLC bonuses (Borderlands 3)

Everyone who preordered Borderlands 3 get some nice preorder DLC bonuses, but a lot of people have been having trouble finding out exactly how to redeem these preorder rewards. In addition to the Preorder DLC, this guide will show you how to redeem the Deluxe DLC rewards and the Super Deluxe DLC rewards as well, since they are done the exactly same way.

You get the preorder bonuses in two different ways depending on where you bought the game:
1) If you preorederd the game from Epic Store, it will be automatically added to your game.
2) If you bought a physical copy, there is a code you need to redeem inside the game box.

If you got the code, go to your digital storefront (Playstation Store, Epic Games Store, or Microsoft Marketplace) and click on "Redeem code". Type it in and connect it to your account.

At this point the DLC rewards are tied to your account, but you still need to get them. The thing here is that they are located in the in-game mail. To open this, click on the Social menu from the main menu. When you are in this menu there is an envelope icon at the top of the screen. Click on this to check your in-game mail, and you will find your preorder bonus items attached to this mail. Just click accept on the items, and they get transferred to your inventory.

And that's all there is to redeeming and getting your preorder DLC items in Borderlands 3. Now go on and enjoy the game!