How to complete the "Spellcraft & Sorcery" Aspiration (The Sims 4: Realm of Magic)

The "Spellcraft & Sorcery" Aspiration is a new aspiration added in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. This aspiration focuses on teaching your sim to become a Spellcaster. The aspiration is fairly easy compared to a lot of other aspirations, so you should not have too much trouble with it. Essentially all you need to do is to level up the Magic ability, while also going to the Realm of Magic to learn some new spells and duel a few other sims.

Most of the milestones are pretty self-explainatory, so we won't go into too much detail about them. However, some of them contain links to more in-depth guides for those that have problems with them.

All "Spellcraft & Sorcery" Milestones

First Steps
- Become a Spellcaster
- Travel to The Magic Realm
- Learn a Spell

Learning the Ways
- Reach Spellcaster Rank 2 – Acolyte
- Know 3 Different Spells
- Cast a Spell on Another Sim

Devilish Dueler
- Reach Spellcaster Rank 3 – Adept
- Win 3 Duels Against Other Spellcasters
- Know 5 Different Spells

Wand-erful Spellcaster 
- Reach Spellcaster Rank 5 – Virtuoso
- Know 10 Different Spells

"Spellcraft & Sorcery" Reward

When you complete the Aspiration, you will be awarded with the following trait for your sim:
Slinger of Spells – A Slinger of Spells generates much less charge when casting spells

This is a pretty good reward trait, and you should definitely get this as soon as you are able to if you plan on using a lot of spells while playing your sim.


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