Will there be physical copies of Forager?

Forager is a great game that combines sandbox gaming with idle gaming, and it became very popular very quickly. It is currently only available for PC (and soon Mac), but the developers are working on porting the game to Playstation 4 as well as Nintendo Switch. This leads to the big question; will Forager have physical copes, or will it be a digital download only?

Unfortunately there are no plans to release Forager as a physical disk, so you will need to buy it from the Nintendo Store or the Playstation Store if you want to play it on your console, or on Steam if you want it for PC. Don't expect to see it hit the shelves of your favorite game shop anytime soon.

That said, who knows what the future holds? While they don't have any plans to release it as a physical copy right now, no one knows how the developers feel about that in 6 months or a year from now, and if the demand for the game is there, they might do it. So if you really want a physical copy, you should let the developers know.