How to permanently increase the Experience gained (Forager)

Experience is one of the key things to aim at getting in Forager, since Experience will allow you to level up and gain a skill Point. Each level gives you a new Skill Point, but each new level also requires a little bit more Experience points than the level before. So after reaching level 30+, leveling to the next level can take a long time.

So, is there a way to permanently increase the Experience you gain when doing actions in Forager that award Experience? Yes, there are a few different sources actually!

We will go into detail about the different method, but one thing to keep in mind is that they stack. This means that you should work on getting multiple things to increase your Experience gained permanently, since they will have a additively effect!

#1) Craft books at the Inscription Table

When you unlock the Inscription Table, you will be able to craft books. The first book is called "Moldy Book", and it's considered a non-usable tool, which means that you can craft it once, and get the bonus from it from that point on without having to do anything. The Moldy Book will give you +15% bonus Experience whenever you do anything that yields Experience. You craft it at the Inscription Table for 4x Thread and 4x Paper.

Once you have the Moldy Book, upgrade it as much as possible. The next upgrade is Slimy Tome for +30 % Experience (4x Leather, 4x Paper, and 4x Jelly), followed by Necronomicon for +45 % extra Experience (5x Royal Clothing, 4x Paper, and 4x Bone), Glacial Scriptures for +60 % Experience (5x Fiberglass, 20x Paper, and 40x Crystal), and finally the Hellfire Glyphs for + 75 % Experience (4x Fiberglass, 4x Paper, 4x Demon Horn).

The books do not stack, and only the best one is active, so when it's fully upgraded you get a total of 75 % bonus Experience anytime you get Experience points in the first place.

#2) Get the Brilliance skill

The Brilliance skill is located in the down-right corner of the Skill Tree, and just like any other talent, it cost 1 Skill Point to unlock. This skill will give you an additional + 15 % bonus Experience any time you get Experience points, and it stacks with all the other bonuses.

#3) Get the Nerdy Glasses

The Nerdy Glasses are an artifact that can randomly drop from any Big Chest in the game. This means that you should complete quests, puzzles and dungeon to get Big Chests, and hope you are lucky enough to get this early on in the game. There is no way to directly farm for this Artifact, since the Big Chests can contain any number of artifacts.

Enjoy a total of  110 % Bonus Experience

These three methods are the ones who will permanently boost your Experience gained, and if you get all of them, you end up with a total of + 110 % Bonus Experience. This means that an action that used to award you with 100 Experience now gives you a total of 210 Experience, which will make it much quicker to level up and gain new Skill Points.