How to get the X-995 Mechanocat mount (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

The X-995 Mechanocat is a new mount that was added to world of Warcraft in the 8.2 patch. It is tied to Mechagon content, so this is where you want to head to if you want the mount. For simplicity's sake, we will just call it the Mechanocat from here on out.

You might also see the name Mechanocat Laser Pointer used for this mount, but that is actually the name of the item that you use in order to learn the mount, so that's not the name for the mount itself.

One of the cool things about the Mechanocat is that it is a customizable mount, so you can change the colors and some other details about it.

Start working towards your Mechanocat 

You can start working towards your Mechanocat pretty much as soon as you get to Mechagon, and the journey begins by completing a daily quest called "Shop Project". This quest is given by an NPC called Recycler Kerchunk, and you will need to collect the following three items to complete the quest:

- Mechanobot Ignition. This is sold by Cork Stuttguard for 50g.
- Shellsteel Casing.
- Multi-Leg Chaindrive.

Once you have all the items, turn in the daily quest and wait for tomorrow. The next day you will be able to get a new quest, and just keep doing these until you get them all done. None of them are really any difficult, and you will want to do these anyway to get reputation with Rustbolt Resistance.

Buy all the parts needed to create the Mechanocat mount

When you have completed the daily quest you are ready for the next step of the journey, and you begin this by buying the "Blueprint: Mechanotiger Laser Pointer" from Cork Stuttguard (the same vendor you visited for the first daily quest). This items begin a quest, and cost 500g. This opens up the option for crafting the Mechanocat Laser Pointer at the Pascal-K1N6 tinkerer, and you can craft it by getting the following items:

- 4 x Chain Ignitercoil. This is sold for 35,000g each, which means that you have to spend 140,000g to get these.
- 2,000 x Spare Parts. These drop from most enemies in Mechagon, so just keep doing daily quests or other activities to complete this. Some daily quests will also award these.
- 5 x Energy Cell. These drop from Rare Elite mobs in Mechagon. Only the first kill per day will have a chance to drop an Energy Cell, so you might have to wait until the next day if you have already killed all of them. Some daily quests will give you Energy Cells as well.