How to get Crystals (Forager)

Crystals are one of the last main resources you will find and use in Forager, and this resource is found by mining in the Winter Biome. The Crystals are technically a mineral like coal, iron or gold, but in contrast to those, it won't be found outside of the Winter Biome. Anyway, find them and mine them with your Pickaxe to get Crystals.

To get to the Winter Biome, buy islands north of the Grass Biome, and you will find it fairly soon. Most of the islands there will contain at least a few nodes of Crystals, so mine these and wait for new ones to spawn. Alternatively, purchasing more land with the Winter Biome will likely force more nodes to spawn instantly.

Get Crystals from the Market

If you don't want to unlock the Winter Biome to be able to mine Crystals, buying them from the Market is another nice option. The items that will be for sale at the Market is completely random, so you will need a bit of luck if you want to get them this way, but it's definitely possible. This solution is probably best if you only need a few of them to upgrade your tools or something like that, so if you want hundreds of them for crafting stuff, unlocking the Winter Biome is a much better option.