Forager max level explained

Forager allows you to do a varity of different tasks in order to gain Experience, and this Experience will eventually lead you to leveling up. Each new level allows you to spend 1 Skill Point on any Skill you have unlocked, and permanently learn this Skill. But how many levels are there in Forager, and what is the max level?

The max level is level 65. At this point you will stop getting addition Experience from any source, and you will get to play the game as before, with the exception of not leveling up anymore.

At level 65, you will have unlocked all the Skills in the Skill Tree, so it's not like additional levels would have benefited you in any way.

Max level in the demo

The demo version of Forager is a good way to get a taste for the game, but here the level cap is set at level 10. So just like the Experience will stop at level 65 in the regular game, it stops at level 10 in the demo.


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