Forager Droids explained - what they will and what they wont do

Droids in Forager are robots that will follow the character around and perform certain tasks to make your life a little bit easier. They are a type of end-game content that you won't unlock until you can consistently get Plastic and Electronics, but once you do, you should be able to get a few ones pretty easily. 

You need the skill "Engineering" in the top right corner of the skill tree to get the Droids. You should also consider getting the "Lasers" skill to improve their damage output. Once you have this skill, you can craft Droids at the Factory. 

The base cost for a single Droid is 2x Plastic + 2x Fiberglass + 2x Electronics, and like other items in the game, the cost will increase based on the number of owned. So it will become gradually more expensive to craft more Droids once you have a few already. 

It's also possible to buy Droids at the Market if you are lucky (or have many Markets), which is another great alternative to getting them, especially if you have lots of them and they are super expensive to craft for yourself. 

Each Droid will get a random name and skin, and these are based on suggestions from Patreon supporters. It is impossible to change the name or skin other than to make another Droid.

You can either have the Droid follow you around and do actions in your proximity, or designate it to a certain area where it will do its action in that area. You can also designate it to work on a building, and it will then boost the production of that building by + 50 %. 

There is no limit to the number of Droids you can have following you, but some users have reported issues with lag when they get 30+ Droids, so that might be something to consider if you have a low-end computer. 

What does the Droid do?
When following the player, the Droid will do one of the following actions every third second:
- Attack enemies.
- Attack resources.
- Harvest Animals.
- Harvest Fishing Traps.
- Pick up item from the ground. 

What won't the Droid do?
Anything not listed above. Mainly the Droid won't do any digging or killing animals, since it does pretty much everything else!


  1. I got 2 droids and one of then had an orange name tag, does that mean anything?

  2. the color of the name tags don't mean anything, they are all just random


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