The top 5 crops to plant to get XP (Farm Together)

Whenever you plant or harvest a crop in Farm Together, you get a certain amount of Experience Points that eventually leads you to level up. In this guide we want to share the best 5 crops for getting XP, calculated per minute of play time.

#1: Melon

The Melon gives you a total of 16 XP for both plating and harvesting, and due to it only taking 10 minutes to grow, it gives 1.60 XP per minute, which is much more than any other crop in the game. You can plant the Melon at level 15+, so make sure to plant a lot of Melons if you want to level up fast.

The only downside is that since it only takes ten minutes for it to grow, you need to both harvest and plant more very often to get the most benefit from it. 

#2: Broccoli

Broccoli gets the second spot on the list, with an efficiency of 1.03 XP per minute. It's obviously a lot lower than the Melon, but you also get to take it a little more chill with this, since it take a full hour for it to grow. Broccoli is unlocked at level 30+.

#3: Yellow Zucchini

Yellow Zucchini gives a total of 0.53 XP per minute, and is unlocked at level 12. You get 2 XP for planting it, and 6 XP for harvesting it. It takes 15 minutes for it to grow, so it's a bit less labor extensive than the Melons, but also give a much worse return on XP per hour.

#4: Leek

Leek takes the fourth spot on the list, with 0.44 XP per minute. You unlock this vegetable at level 16, get 8 XP for planting it, and 12 XP for harvesting it. It takes 45 minutes for it to grow to a full size.

#5: Raspberry

The raspberry gives 0.42 XP per minute, and is unlocked at level 22. A full plant plus harvest give you 50 XP. It takes two hours for it to grow to full size, so it's also the crop on the list that takes the longest to grow.


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  2. ...Your "calculations" are off the rail.
    When you're calculating maximum exp-outcome you also have to include watering-status.
    The effectiveness is totally different when using all available metrics (and for a maximum-calculation they HAVE to be used).


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