How to redeem pre-order bonuses (Resident Evil 2)

There are some pre-order goodies to enjoy for anyone who pre-ordered Resident Evil 2, including:
- The Arklay Sheriff costume for Leon.
- The Military costume for Claire.
- The Noir costume for Claire.
- The Noir costume for Leon.
- The Elza Walker costume for Claire.
- Samurai Edge - Albert Model handgun.

As you see, there are 5 costumes as well as a single weapon as the pre-order bonus, so how do you actually redeem these?

The answer is that you don't actually need to redeem them at all. If you play a game with the pre-order license attached to it, the bonuses will already be in your game. So there is no need to write down a code or anything like that.

To find the costumes, go to the Menu after you have loaded a game, and select the Costumes menu. Now just click on the costume you want to use, and it's ready to go.

As for the Samurai Edge handgun, go to any item box in the game, and it will be there. Just loot it and play with it as you like.