How to make 30 % more Gols from commissions and the Story Missions (My Time at Portia)

Commissions and story commissions are a great way to get Gols in My Time At Portia, but did you know that it's possible to get an extra 30 % Gols from every single commission you complete, including story commissions?

With an added 30 %, the Gol rewards adds up very fast, and it's not too difficult to get a permanent 30 % increase in Gol rewards. You will need to do two things to get the increase:

1) Get level 4 of the skill "Commerce Hot Shot". This is located in the Social skill tree, and it's worth picking up early if you want to get more Gols. The four ranks in this skill alone will increase your Gols earned from commissions by 20 %.

2) Get to maximum friendship level with Antoine. This allows you to get an additional + 10 % Gols from finishing commissions, and it stacks with the Commerce Hot Shot skill above, giving you a total of + 30 %.

You get a gradual increase from becoming friends with Antoine; at Buddy you get + 3%, at Friend you get + 6%, and at Lover you get + 10%. These to not stack, and only the "final" level actually counts. So you get + 10 %, not + 19%.

If you want to get easy friendship level with Antoine, please check out our full guide to all NPC gifting in My Time at Portia. This is a full list of all the things you should be giving to all the different characters if you want to befriend them and get their bonuses. However, if you just want to get up your friendship level with Antoine, the following items are the best to give him: Small Satchel, Sapphire Ring, Vegetable Salad, Fruit Salad, and Roses.

Out of these, Fruit Salad is probably the easiest to make, and you get the recipe for it randomly by using the Cooking Set to create food.