How to get The Vinktar Square Courtyard Map (Path of Exile)

The Vinktar Square is a Unique map in Path of Exile that is known for being the only drop location for the Vessel of Vinktar Topaz Flask, a flask that is widely used by many builds. This has made the Vinktar Square a great map to run and hope for good flask drops, but it's actually pretty difficult to obtain The Vinktar Square Map.

Unlike most other maps, Vinktar Square cannot drop, and you must instead get it from a vendor recipe. To obtain it, sell the four following items to a vendor (at the same time):
- Agnerod North
- Agnerod South
- Agnerod West
- Agnerod East

By offering all four of these staves for trade, the vendor should offer your a The Vinktar Square Courtyard Map instead of the regular currency. If it does not, the most likely scenario is that you have two of one staff, and miss one of them.

These weapons can drop from pretty much anywhere, so they are pretty difficult to directly farm. They are not that expensive to buy tough, so that's a great option if you only miss one or two of them.