How to get Relics (My Time at Portia)

Relics in My Time at Portia plays an important role, and can be used to give the players buffs, or give increased friendship levels when given to the Museum. You don't find complete Relics by themselves, but you will instead find Relic Pieces that can be restored to Relics. This is done by finding all the pieces of the same relic, and bring these along with Data Discs to a Recovery Machine.

There are currently a few ways to obtain Relic Pieces;

1) Find Relic Pieces in the Abandoned Ruins

The Abandoned Ruins are the main areas for mining in My Time at Portia, and you can find both ores, Data Discs, and Relic Pieces here. All the different ruins will give you Relic Pieces, so make sure to go there even if its one of the ruins you don't generally prefer. The best method for getting Relic Pieces is to use the Relic Detector, since this item will allow you to press F to see where the Relic Pieces are located.

The Relic Detector can be upgraded to be even more useful, and this 5,000 Gol investment is great for hunting Relic Pieces.

2) Find Relic Pieces in Lucky Sacks

The travelling NPC called The Mysterious Man sells an mystery item called a Lucky Sack (as well as other items of course). Each Lucky Sack cost 1,000 Gols, and typically cotains a single random Relic Piece. However, the sack can also contain other mining-related items, so you might not find a Relic Piece every single time.

Buying Lucky Sacks from The Mysterious Man is a great way to get Relic Pieces if you got a lot of spare Gols laying around, and prefer to spend that instead of mining.

If you don't know how and where to find The Myserious Man, make sure to check out this guide!

Finding Relic Pieces in My Time at Portia

These two methods are the only ways to find Relic Pieces in My Time at Portia, and it should be pretty straight-forward how to do it by now. So just head to the Abandoned Ruins and get mining, and you will have resorted a lot of Artifacts before you know it.