How to get a panda pet (Portal Knights)

There are lots of different pets that you can obtain in Portal Knights, but few are as cute as the panda! Like all the other pets, the panda can follow you around on your adventure when you assign it to the pet slot in your inventory screen.

In order to get a panda pet, you need to have the Spring Event active. This can be done naturally by playing the game between January 19th and February 23rd, or you can change the date on your system to be somewhere during this time period.

Once the Spring Event is active, begin the event by doing the quest The Emperor's Courier. This spawns on a random island, so look for the event on your island screen. This quest will take you to an island called Peach Tree Fields, and you need to complete a handful of quests here. Once you have completed all quests, you can unlock the portal that takes you to the island Mountain Temple. This is where you can get the panda.

When you arrive on Mountain Temple, circle around the big mountain in the middle of the map until you see a small house. This is a shop, and talk with Hong Da Shu to trade.  He will sell the panda pet for 10,000 gold!

Now just buy the panda and equip it on your character inventory screen to get it to follow you around.