How to get Gold / Foil cards (Steem Monsters)

Steem Monsters have both regular cards as well as Gold Cards, also sometimes called Foil Cards. These are easily distinguishable from regular cards by the fact that most of the card has a gold foil on it, making them very distinct.

Getting a Gold card in Steem Monsters is done the same way as regular cards, except that they are much rares. What this means is that any time you open a card pack or get a reward from the daily quest, any of those cards has a small chance to be a golden version of that card. The chance of this happening is very low, and it's believed to be somewhere around 1 %.

If you don't want to try your luck with opening packs, buying the Gold Cards directly from the market is also possible. Just head over to the Market and click on the "Only Gold" button to see gold cards for sale. These are obviously going to be more costly than regular non-gold cards, so expect to pay a premium for them.

There is a small benefit to getting gold cards, and you need a lot fewer cards to combine them into higher levels. Instead of needed 505 Common cards to get it to level 10, you "only" need 38 Common Gold Cards to get to the same level. However, getting 38 Gold Cards might very well be a lot more expensive than getting 505 non-gold common cards.

Some of the Gold Cards to give you an idea what they look like.