How to get all the Helix items for free without spending real money (Assassin's Creed: Origins)

The Helix item shop is the shop in Assassin's Creed: Origins where you can buy cool items by using Helix points. These Helix points can only be obtained by spending real money (except for a everyone getting 200 Helix for free when they complete the introduction quest), so you basically have to cash out $5 if you want one of the cool mounts, or one of the costumes.

The items in the Helix shop tend to be really awesome, but are they worth spending real money on? I don't think so, and I know that many of you also don't want to shell out real money for an in-game mount or costume. However, there's a way for us to get all these items for free (and it's 100 % legal, so no hacking or glitching involved).

Get Helix items from Heka Chests

Heka Chests has a small chance to contain any of the items found in the Helix shop, with the time-saver maps as the single exception. This means that all mounts, costumes, weapons etc. can drop from Heka Chests!

So the only way to get these items is to do daily missions to get one for free, and buy additional chests if you want to increase your chances.  Each chest costs 3,000 Drachmas, and you might want to save up for buying many of them if you target a specific mount or costume, since the drop rate for these tend to be very low.

Anyway, it's possible to get all Helix items from these chests, so good luck!