How to craft the Copper Masterwork Bow (Portal Knights)

The Copper Masterwork Bow is likely to be the first upgrade Archer characters get from the Wood Bow they begin with, but some players have a bit of a problem finding out just how to get this bow. You need to either craft or buy it, but if it's your first character, then crafting is really your only real option.

How to craft Copper Masterwork Bow

In order to craft the Copper Masterwork Bow, you need a level 1 Archer Station. This crafting table is made by a level 2 Workbench, and cost the following:
2x Copper Ore
6x Wood Logs
4x Cotton

Once you have your Archer Station in place, you should be able to craft yourself a Copper Masterwork Bow. You will need the following materials to craft it:
2x Copper Bar
7x Wood Logs
2x Scales

Most players already have the Copper Bars (get them by smelting Copper Ore with Coal at a Furnace), but a lot of you might not have found any Scales yet.

The scales are a common drop from certain enemies, and the one you will encounter most early in the game is called Saurian Fighter in Callum's Claim. This is a level 10 island, and killing a few Saurian Fighters will get you more than enough Scales.

How to buy Copper Masterwork Bow

It is possible to buy the Copper Masterwork Bow as well, and it is sold from an NPC called Gorden the Pennywise in the shop island Hintertown. This is a level 17 island tough, so you are unlikely to get it earlier than you can craft the bow.


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