Guide to unlocking Ana’s Epic Bastet skin (Overwatch)

From January 8th until January 21st, players can participate in Ana's Bastet Challenge in Overwatch. This challenge allows players to earn a new Epic Bastet skin for Ana for free, and what's better than a free epic skin?

If you want to unlock Ana’s Epic Bastet skin, then all you have to do is to log in to the game, select either Arcade, Quick Play or Competitive Play. If you win at least 9 games across these three game modes during the event, you will get the Ana’s Epic Bastet skin permanently unlocked.

There are also some other nice rewards for players who play these game modes during the event:
- At 3 wins you will unlock Ana's new player icon.
- At 6 wins you will unlock Ana's new victory pose.
- At 9 wins you will unlock Ana's new epic skin.

It should not really be that difficult to get all the rewards, especially if you are kind of good at playing Overwatch. It might take a few hours to get all the nine wins, but it's well worth it when you consider how great the Bastet skin looks on Ana. Anyway, good luck with getting these nine wins, and enjoy the Ana's Bastet Challenge while it lasts!