Guide to Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement - all parts explained (World of Warcraft)

The Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement is just like every meta-achievement for raids; that it, complete a special challenge for every boss, and be awarded with a mount for the trouble. There are a total of 9 achievements that must be completed, and once all nine are completed, you will be awarded with the Dazar'Alor Windreaver.

The Dazar'Alor Windreaver is the only windreaver that is available to the Alliance, so it's a very special mount for them. Luckily the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement is not that difficult if your entire raid works together to get it, and it can be completed on normal difficulty. It is also possible to get the achievements on heroic difficulty, but not on Mythic or Looking for Raid difficulties.

Anyway, you probably want to learn how you can complete the achievement and get the mount for yourself, so here's how to complete all the achievements in the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider

Raid preparations for the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider achievement 

Before you enter the raid, you should prepare a few things.

- Raid set-up. Most set-ups work, and you can bring anywhere between 10 and 30 people. However, you should bring the following; 1 Rogue that can be used to build a snowman for the Jaina encounter, as well as stun the Lurker. In addition, make sure to bring one or two Death Knights to help out with gripping dinosaurs in "Walk the Dinosaur". Other than that, bring whatever classes you wish.

- Blingtron 4000 and Blingtron 5000 toys; so at least one person either had to have both, and two persons has to have one each. This means that you need a person with the Engineering profession in the raid.

- A player with the Singing Sunflower pet. You can get this pet by completing a "Plants versus Zombies" inspired quest chain that is located at Brazie Farmstead just southeast of the Dalaran Crater.

- A possible third tank for the We Got Spirit, How About You? achievement, so bring someone who is comfortable with doing some tanking for this encounter.

How to complete the "Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah?" achievement

The Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah? is the first achievement you will be able to do in the raid, and it is tied to the Champions of Light encounter. Before you begin the encounter tough, make sure everyone in the raid that wants the achievement clicks on the Mysterious Trashpile that is located in the area right before the boss. Clicking on this transform the player into a saurid, and give you a new ability to steal a shiny coin from your enemy.

The text string for this achievement is a bit weird, and in reality you need to steal 3 coins from each enemy, totaling up to;
- 3 coins from the Crusader.
- 6 coins from Disciples, since there are two of them.
- 3 coins from the Champion of Light.

Some players have tried to only steal a total of 3 coins from the Disciples, which could be one way to interpret the text string in the achievement, but you really do need to get 3 shiny coins from each single enemy in the encounter.

Anyway, just press the extra button you gain from interacting with the Mysterious Trashpile while having targeted the enemy you want to steal a coin from, and you will get it. Just make sure to keep note of how many you have stolen in order to be sure that you get the achievement.

How to complete the "Barrel of Monkeys" achievement

The Barrel of Monkeys achievement is tied to the Grong encounter, but before you begin the encounter, your raid must locate the 6 Heavy Barrels in the room before the boss encounter. Make six people carry these into the main room where you fight with Grong, and put them down apart from each other.

Now begin the encounter when you are ready, and tank Grong next to one of the barrels. He will eventually use Deathly Slam (A) or Reverberating Slam (H), which will destroy the barrel(s) in his close proximity. Upon doing this he gains a +20 % damage buff for 30 seconds, so be prepared for that.

It's important to keep in mind that the buffs stack, so if you place all the barrels next to each other, you get a +120 % damage buff for 30 seconds, which is probably extremely difficulty to handle.

Anyway, you need to make sure he destroys all the six barrels before your raid defeats him, and then you will all get the Barrel of Monkeys achievement.

How to complete the "Hidden Dragon" achievement

The Hidden Dragon achievement is tied to the Jadefire Masters encounter in Dazar'Alor, and you don't need to do anything before beginning the encounter. However, once it begins, have a designated player look for the clickable Jade Serpent Egg that spawns somewhere in the boss area.

The player with the egg need to avoid taking damage from Phoenix Strike or Living Bomb, since both of these attacks will destroy the egg. If that happens, die and begin the encounter from start to try again.

You have to keep the egg alive until the Jadefire Master monk transform into a Jade Serpent. In this form he will eventually use Dragon's Breath, and at this point all players in the raid should stack on the person who carries the egg. This hatches the egg, but you have to also defeat the boss to gain the achievement.

How to complete the "Praise the Sunflower" achievement

The Praise the Sunflower achievement is tied to the Opulence encounter, and it's worth noting that this is the first achievement in the guide thus far this is a personal achievement; so you need to complete it by yourself, and raid members who don't pay attention can miss it.

Before you begin, remember to notify people to summon their Singing Sunflower. You technically only need one, but it's good to have a backup or two in case the person with the pet dies.

Anyway, you need to gain the Brilliant Aura to get this. At least one person in the raid needs to pick up the Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight. With this buff, this player need to stay away from all other players until they have gotten 100 stacks of Incandescence. This gives them the Grossly Incandescent buff, and at this point all players who need the achievement should go close to this person to pick up the Brilliant Aura buff. Now all you need to do is to /praise a sunflower while the buff is active, and kill the boss.

You might want to equip yourself with the following macro to make life easier:
/tar Singing Sunflower

You can easily tell in the chat if you have successfully praised the Singing Sunflower or not.

How to complete the "Walk the Dinosaur" achievement 

You can do the Walk the Dinosaur achiecement during the Conclave of the Chosen encounter, and you pretty must just need to defeat the boss while leaving one of the Ravenous Stalkers that spawn at the beginning of the encounter, alive. The raptor will fixate on a random player every 20 seconds, and the player then need to run away to kite the raptor.

The raptor does not really have a lot of health, so the challenge is more to keep it alive than anything else. The biggest problem is likely it dying because it fixates on someone on the other side of the AoE damage going on, and runs right into it. For this reason the person who gets fixated on must be quick to react to move it to a path where it won't take any damage.

Death Knights are great for this achievement, since they can use Death Grip to quickly get the raptor out of any AoE effects if it is needed. It is typically enough with a single DK to keep an eye out for this, but it won't hurt to have a backup just in case.

Anyway, everyone get the achievement if you complete the encounter with the raptor still living.

How to complete the "We Got Spirits, How About You?" achievement

The We Got Spirit, How About You? is obtainable during the King Rastakhan encounter, and it's one of the easier achievements in the meta. As the achievement text says, keep all the phantom that spawns alive.

The best and easiest strategy is to just have a third tank that aggros all the phantoms that spawns, and tank them away from the raid. Make sure to keep interrupting Grave Bolt, and other than that, just kill the boss regularly.

How to complete the "I Got Next!" achievement

You need an engineer with both Blingtron 4000 and Blingtron 5000 for this (or two different ones that have both combined). Make sure to put both of these down in the room just before you pull High Tinker Mekkatorque. This will make the Blingtron MK2 spawn at the first phase of the encounter. 

Focus on killing the Blingtron MK2 before going back to finishing off the boss, and everyone in the raid will get the achievement. 

How to complete the "De Lurker Be'loa" achievement

In order to get the De Lurker Be'loa, your raid need to summon the mob with the same name, while also fighting and defeating the Stormwall Blockade encounter. It's important to keep in mind that you do not need to defeat De Lurker Be'loa for the achievement, so the best strategy for this achievement is to get a players, preferably an Outlaw Rogue to be on lurker duty and stun the mob every time it begins to cast Hydro Blast. This will hurt your raid a lot, so always try to prevent this. 

With the Outlaw Rogue stunning De Lurker Be'loa, the rest of the raid should focus on fighting the raid encounter, and ideally not having to worry much about De Lurker Be'loa at all. 

To summon De Lurker Be'loa, click on the fish pool that is located to the left of the docks after the boss has been engaged. A player must summon the mob by interacting with the fishing pool, then dodging incoming waves and swirls for two minutes. It can be a bit tricky to summon it if you don't pay attention, but most players should be able to do it within a few attempts. 

How to complete the "Snow Fun Allowed" achievement

The final achievement in this guide is tied to the Jaina Proudmoore encounter, and you will need to both build and destroy a snowman during the Jaina encounter. 

You are able to build the snowman during the Howling Winds intermissions, where 3 different snow mounds will spawn on the ground. Some players need to run trough all three of these before going to interrupt Jaina's spell. Rogues or Demon Hunters are good picks for running in the three snow mounds, but any class can do it really. 

Anyway, the players who has ran trough the three snow mounds will need to go a barrel and stack together there, and a Frosty Snowman will spawn. This is currently immune to all damage in this state. 

At this point you need to wait until someone in the raid is targeted by the Broadside spell cast by Jaina, and this player should then run directly to the snowman to remove its buff that makes it immune to damage. Snow damage it (it should be easy to kill), and you just need to focus on finishing the encounter to complete the final achievement in the Glory of Dazar'Alor Raider meta-achievement!