Guide to getting all Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3

One of the new features of Kingdom Hearts 3 is the Link Summons, and using this summons a character to fight alongside Sora for a duration. These are very nice to use for boss encounters, or if you find yourself in a tight situation where you fear you might not win the battle!

To unlock a Link Summon, you need to obtain a Heartbinder item, and once you obtain that, you are able to summon the character to fight alongside you later.

You can use a Link Summon in battle only if you have a 100 % full MP bar, so stock up on some Ethers if you need to quickly fill it. You won't have to worry about your health bar tough, since this will be refilled when you use a Link Summon, so it's great to use it when you are already at low health.

All the different Link Summons has completely different abilities, so you will naturally end up liking some of them more than others. The best way is simply to try them all a few times, and stick to the ones you like the best. Some are also better at certain situations than others, so use this to your advantage during difficult encounters.

How to unlock all five Link Summons

There are a total of 5 different Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you will get them all by playing the main story. Some of them won't be unlocked until many hours into the game tough.

Anyway, here are all the unlockable Link Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3. There are some spoilers below, so don't read this if you want to know nothing about the story.

How to get Dream Eaters Link Summon

The first Link Summon you will unlock is Dream Eaters. You get this once you are given the item Dream Heartbinder by Yen Sid after completing the events in Olympus.

How to get Wreck-it-Ralph Link Summon

You will unlock Wreck-it-Ralph as a Link Summon after you bear Verum Rex in the Toy Box world, and is given the Pixel Heartbinder.

How to get Simba Link Summon

You need to get the Pride Heartbinder to summon Simba, and you get this roughly halfway trough the Monstropolis world after a mid-boss fight.

How to get Ariel Link Summon

Ariel is also given to you after you beat a mid-boss, but this time it's in The Caribbean world. About halfway trough it you get the Ocean Heartbinder, and learn how to summon Ariel.

How to get Stitch Link Summon

We all remember Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, and this guy is the fifth and final Link Summon you will get. You will be awarded the Ohana Heartbinder used to summon him when you complete your first Flash Tracer course in the San Fransokyo world.