Cubicide trophy / achievement guide (Portal Knights)

Cubicide is an achievement / trophy in Portal Knights, and requires the player to mine 53,596 blocks. This is an additive number that can be attained by playing several different characters in different worlds, or just done by a single character in a single world if you prefer.

Getting all the 53,596 cubes mined takes a lot of effort, and it's unlikely that you will stumble upon this achievement just by playing the game regularly, since mining is not really that much used in Portal Knights.

Back in the days it was possible to obtain this achievement by using a lot of explosives, which made it much easier. This has since been patched, so just keep this in mind before spending thousands of gold on mobs from reading a tip about it. You now have to use either a Pickaxe or a Mining Drill to complete this achievement / trophy. The pickaxe is really slow compared to the mining drill tough, so we never recommend using the pickaxe!

Mining 53,596 blocks as easy as possible

The good thing about Cubicide is that you just need to mine a block - not a block with a mineral or metal. This means that any block you mine, including dirt and sand, will count towards the total.

The best strategy for grinding this trophy / achievement is to craft a Titanium Mining Drill, unless you have the Super Drill ready. The Titanium Mining Drill will require 8x Titanium Bars and 5x Coals to craft.

With the Titanium or Super Mining Drill in place, travel to any low-level island with either a lot of dirt or a lot of sand. An island like Shrieking Sands is a good choice, but it won't really matter too much.

Once you are at your target island, dig a straight line of sand or dirt until you have to change directions due to the island. Then just begin a new straight line, and a new one, and a new one etc. Keep going for along time, but eventually you will get enough blocks to get the Cubicide achievement / trophy!

It's possible to track your progress if you make designated chests for all the sand or dirt you dig. Calculate how much sand or dirt you can fit into your chest, then create enough chests to house the 53,596 blocks you need to mine. You obviously won't be able to fill them all since you did some mining while playing the game already, but it can be a good indication to how much longer you have to dig to reach your goal.


  1. Does it matter what island I am on. For example, Can I unlock the trophy while I am on the rainbow island?


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