Complete guide to The Emperor's Courier / Spring Event in Portal Knights

The Spring Event (also often called The Emperor's Courier due to the first quest that starts the event) is a Seasonal Event in Portal Knights that run from January 19th until February 23rd. It is an yearly event, so you can always do it again next year if you miss anything. It's also possible to change the date on your system to force this event to spawn.

During the Spring Event, you will get access to two unique Islands that will disappear once the Event is over. There are several quests on these islands that make up most of the Spring Event itself, and the islands will always scale to your currently level. In addition to these two islands, it's possible to unlock a Bamboo Forest-themed island called Fields of Balance. This island does not have enemies, making it an ideal place to get creative with Asian style buildings.

The main Spring Event story quests

You begin the Spring Event by looking at your Islands map to see where you begin the event (this varies for everyone). This part of the event is called The Emperor's Courier. Teleport to the island where the event is, and find a small hut where Chen is located. This hut also spawns randomly, so you just have to search the island for it. He will have a small, breakable container next to him, which contains the Magical Dragon Statue; a teleportation item.

Peach Tree Fields

Use this Magical Dragon Statue to teleport to the first Spring Event island called Peach Tree Fields. This is an island with both NPCs and enemies, and you begin the event by finding A-Ming and Lao Li next to their house. They will ask you to kill 5 Bamboo Araktulas in their garden as well as rebuild their house.

The garden eradication quest is pretty self explanatory, and just head to the back and kill all the Bamboo Araktulas there. Return to A-Ming to complete the quest. Reward: Recipes for Bamboo Table and Red Firecracker.

The house repair quest requires you to create 10 x Refined Bamboo Blocks to fix the missing blocks inside the house. This is done from your Workbench (you only need level 1), and each Refined Bamboo Block cost 1 x Bamboo Log, which you get by chopping down bamboo with your axe. When you have these 10 Refined Bamboo Blocks, go inside their house and put them in the yellow spots to complete the quest. Now return to Lao Li to complete the quest. Reward: Recipes for Bamboo Chair and White Concrete Block.

After having rebuilt the house, Lao Li will ask you to give him 10 Raw Jade Stones. These can be mined on the island, and you just need to look for blocks that are completely jade/green. Mine ten of these and return to Lao Li to complete the quest. Reward: Recipes for Wooden Bamboo Window and Bamboo Bench.

Once you are done with this quest, look for Kong, who is standing next to the portal. He will give you a quest to help the villagers on the island, which you have already done, do you can complete this instantly. Reward: Recipe for Red Fireworks Fountain.

Speak with King again to get a new quest where he asks you to get him 5x Bamboo Logs. Just chop down more Bamboo trees if you don't already have 5 of these in your inventory. Reward: Recipe for Green Fireworks Fountain.

Kong has a final quest for you, and asks you to create a Green Fireworks Fountain. You just got the recipe for this, so learn it if you haven't already. Creating a Green Fireworks Fountain requires 1x Verdant Emerald and 2x Bamboo Logs, and must be created from a Workbench level 2 or higher. Both of these crafting components can be found on the island.

Return to Kong with the Green Fireworks Fountain to complete the quest. Reward: Green Fireworks Fountain (he gives it back to you), and recipes for Blue Firecracker and Blue Fireworks Rocket.

At this point Kong will ask you to head up the stars to talk to Dao. Do that, and complete his short quest by placing the Green Fireworks Fountain on the designated spot just in front of the portal.

Talk with Dao again, and he will active the portal for you! Reward: Recipe for Red Fireworks Rocket.

And by now you have finished all the quests on Peach Tree Fields! All that is left is to actually make the portal, which requires 6 x Pink Portal Stones. These have a somewhat low chance to drop from any enemy on the island, so just run around and kill anything you see. You do not get shards like you usually do, but instead you get the Pink Portal Stones themselves, so you only need six of them to drop in total.

Some people found the enemies on Peach Tree Fields to be very difficult to beat since they deal a big amount of damage (especially the Bamb-Utans). Our best tip is to just try to learn how to dodge them, and you will soon get the hang of it.

Once you have all six Pink Portal Stones, place them in the portal to open up a portal to Mountain Temple.

Mountain Temple

The Mountain Temple is an island with a huge temple in the middle of the island. At the base of it you will find the quest giving NPC Shan. Talk to her to get a quest to kill 5x Bamb-Utans. Now head up the temple stairs and kill enemies on your way up. You should be able to have completed the quest by the time you reach the top. Head downstairs again to deliver the quest. Rewards: 1x Energy Crystal and the recipe for Paper Lanterns.

Now it's time to craft 4x Paper Lanterns, which is done from a Drafting Table (level 1+), costing 4x Bamboo Logs and 1 x Torch per Paper Lantern (so 16x Bamboo Logs and 4x Torch for all four).

With the Paper Lanterns in your inventory, go back to the top of the stairs and talk with Hui just outside the temple door. She will ask you to place 4 Paper Lanterns inside the main temple room, and do that. Place them in the designated spot in the four corners of the room. Now return to Hui to complete the quest. Reward: 1x Energy Crystal, and the recipe for Blue Fireworks Fountain.

Head to the middle of the temple room and speak with the Jade Emperor to begin the final parts of the event. He will first ask you to help the two other NPCs on the island, which you have already done, so just autocomplete this quest. Reward: EXP + Gold based on your level.

You will also get a new quest that requires you to get rid of his migraine. What you need to do is to turn right and head down the stairs. There will be a few enemies in tight places here, so prepare for some fighting. Anyway, fight your way down until you reach a room where a Jade Curse is located. This curse can be killed like it was a regular enemy, but it will not attack back, so focus on other enemies in the room first.

Once the Jade Curse is "killed", return up to the Jade Emperor to complete the final quest. Reward: Sky Dragon pet, 2x Energy Crystal and the recipes for Refined Jade Stone Block, Guardian Lion Statue, and Sky Dragon Statue.

After this quest is complete, he will also allow you to use the portal behind him. This requires you to collect another 6x Pink Portal Stones, which once again drops randomly from enemies on the island. Hopefully you already have all or most of them from doing the quests here. If you are having trouble finding enough enemies, check the border of the island to find more.

Once you have entered the portal, you permanently unlock an island called Fields of Balance! This is an island without monsters, so it's perfect for testing out your creativity.

And that's most of what there is to it with the Spring Event. I hope you found the guide useful, and just let us know in the comment section below if anything was unclear.