How to get Chaos Orbs from vendors / Chaos Orb recipe (Path of Exile)

The Chaos Orb recipe is pretty useful to know, especially at beginning of new leagues when you need to get some currency to buy a decent set of gear. It requires a full set of ilvl 60+ items, which means the following:

- 1x Body armour
- 1 x 2-handed weapon or 2 x 1-handed weapons. You can use 2 x offhands or whatever, just fill up both weapon slots.
- 1 x gloves.
- 1 x boots.
- 2 x rings.
- 1 x amulet.
- 1 x belt.
- 1 x helmet.

Trade all of these in at the vendor at the same time, and the result should be a Chaos Orb. If it is a Chance Orb instead, it means that at least one of the items is lower than ilvl 60, so swap that one out for the correct one.

If all items are unidentified, the result from the trade is 2 x Chaos Orb instead of just the one. Some people prefer this double recipe, but in order to do this you might vendor some really good and valueable items.