How to create your own hideout (Path of Exile)

All characters can get their own hideout in Path of Exile, and getting one is actually pretty easy. The only requirement to get one is to have one of the masters at level 3, which you should get fairly soon once you start playing.

To get a master to level 3+, just do their missions each time you encounter them in the wild. Each mission will award a certain amount of experience points to their level, and getting to level 3 should not take too many missions.

Most of the masters can be found randomly in any of the areas in the game, so just keep playing to find them. Just make sure to do their mission once you find them!

Once you've got a master to level 3, go to the hub they are located in, and you will get the dialogue option to create a hideout. This is completely free, and once you have created it, you can teleport there by typing /hideout.

Each master has their own hideout layout, and once they are level 3, you can freely change between any layout. It is free to change the layout, but you will need to put all the items in their place again if you switch the layout.