Necromancer FAQ (Diablo 3)

The Necromancer will be the first new class in Diablo 3 that is not tied to an expansion pack, and below you can find all the information you need about the class and how to get it.

Please note that this guide was written shortly after Blizzcon where it was announced, but it will be updated as soon as more information is availiable.

When will the Necromancer be released?
- The release date is not yet known, but Blizzard has said that it will be in the second half of 2017, which means somewhere between July and December 2017.

How do I unlock the Necromancer?
- To unlock the Necromancer you need to purchase the Necromancer Hero Pack (called Rise of the Necromancer Pack). This costs real money, and cannot be obtained from playing the game.

How much does the pack cost?
- The price for the hero pack is not known yet, but will be announced in the future. A personal bet would be either $30 or $40.

What does the Necromancer hero pack contain?
- In addition to the Necromancer itself, it will contain the following:
1) A pet
2) Two extra character slots
3) Two new stash tabs
4) A portrait frame
5) A pennant
6) A banner shape
7) A banner sigil

Can you play as a female Necromancer?
- Yes, you can play as either female or male, just like all the other classes.

What kind of weapon and armor will the Necromancer use?
- The Necromancer will use one-handed scythes as a weapon, and will most likely have a unique off-hand type of item in their other hand. They will have a variety of sets and armor tailored to them.

What are their resources?
- The Necromancer has two types of resources. Firstly they have the Essence. This starts at 0, and goes to 200. It does not regenerate, but is gained by using skills.
The other resources are corpses, which are needed for skills such as Corpse Explosion and other skills.

What are the known Necromancer spells?
- The following spells are known for the Necromancer, but obviously a lot more will be added before it gets released.
1) Bone Spear. Costs 20 Essence. Magic, piercing projectile.
2) Siphon Blood. Channeled. Heals you while draining health from enemies. Gives Essence when dealing damage.
3) Command Skeletons. Costs 50 Essence. Summons skeletons to fight for the Necromancer.
4) Blood Rush. Dash up to 50 yards while passing trough obstacles.
5) Corpse Explosion. The fan-favorite is back! Explode nearby corpses to deal a huge amount of damage.
6) Decrepify. Costs 10 Essence. Reduces the enemies' momvent speed and damage done.
7) Blood Golem. Summon a Blood Golem to fight for the Necromancer.
8) Army of the Dead. Summon lots and lots of skeletons to attack a certain area.

What are the spell runes for the Necromancer?
- Currently no of the runes for the spells are known, but they will be announced in the future.

What is the best build for leveling the Necromancer?
- This is still too early to know, so check back once the launch is closer.