Macro for spending Blood of Sargeras easy (World of Warcraft: Legion)

After buying of profession mats was added in patch 7.1, a lot of players spend all their Blood of Sargeras on this to make a profit, but unfortunately it can take a lot of time to buy these because of the confirmation box that you need to click every time you buy an item. However, with a very easy macro below, you can simply push a button to purchase one of the trade good items, making it a whole lot faster if you got several hundred blood to spend.

The macro itself is following:
/run BuyMerchantItem(X)

You need to change the X with a number, where each item got it's own number (see table below).
Simply open up your macro interface by typing /m in chat, and create a new macro. Give it a name and copy-paste the above line. Now put this into your action bar, and it should work.

Macro for each item:
1 x Order Resource Cache: /run BuyMerchantItem(1)
10 x Lean Shank: /run BuyMerchantItem(2)
10 x Fatty Bearsteak: /run BuyMerchantItem(3)
10 x Big Gamy Ribs: /run BuyMerchantItem(4)
10 x Leyblood: /run BuyMerchantItem(5)
10 x Wildfowl Egg: /run BuyMerchantItem(6)
10 x Cursed Queenfish: /run BuyMerchantItem(7)
10 x Mossgill Perch: /run BuyMerchantItem(8)
10 x Highmountain Salmon: /run BuyMerchantItem(9)
10 x Stromray: /run BuyMerchantItem(10)
10 x Runescale Koi: /run BuyMerchantItem(11)
10 x Black Barracuda: /run BuyMerchantItem(12)
10 x Aethril: /run BuyMerchantItem(13)
10 x  Dreamleaf: /run BuyMerchantItem(14)
10 x Foxflower: /run BuyMerchantItem(15)
10 x  Fjarnskaggl: /run BuyMerchantItem(16)
3 x Starlight Rose: /run BuyMerchantItem(17)
10 x  Leystone Ore: /run BuyMerchantItem(18)
5 x Felslate: /run BuyMerchantItem(19)
10 x  Stonehide Leather: /run BuyMerchantItem(20)
10 x Stormscale: /run BuyMerchantItem(21)
20 x  Unbroken Claw: /run BuyMerchantItem(22)
20 x Unbroken Tooth: /run BuyMerchantItem(23)
10 x  Shal'dorei Silk: /run BuyMerchantItem(24)
10 x Arkhana: /run BuyMerchantItem(25)
3 x Leylight Shard: /run BuyMerchantItem(26)

I'm pretty sure the table above is correct, but to be on the safe side, just run the macro once first before using ut and confirm that you get the right item.