Lost Sea beginner tips (Lost Sea)

Lost Sea is finally released for PC, Xbox One and PS4, and in this article we will teach you the basic tips that will help you with your permadeath adventure.

- The first tip is to take is slow. Especially if you are new to roguelike games. If you rush an island you could easily end up getting killed by overwhelming enemies. If you die, you are dead, and have to start completely from scratch, as no items or skills carry over to the next game. So it's better to take it slow and steady, than to rush and die.
- Be careful when going to the harder islands. These have more enemies and critters, and less crew members, loot and tables. The maps will also be bigger.
- Make good use of the camera to spot enemies and treasures ahead of you. Most times enemies can be spotted before they attack you.
- All traps and lures have some sort of tell, so if you learn how they look, you will be able to not walk into any traps!
- You can use traps to hurt enemies and critters to your advantage!
- The keys to chests is usually hidden in the same room, or very close to the treasure chest.
- Buses drops fruits which will heal you and your crew members, so always cut down these if you are not at full health.
- Make sure the bushes and shrubs are actual shrubs/bushes, not hidden enemies ready to ambush you!
- Make sure your crew members are close to you, because you will not get their bonuses if they are too far away. Use the gold ring indicator beneath your feet to check if they are close enough.

Got any more beginner tips, or even questions? Let others know in the comment section!